How do i buy a FP1 and what will it cost me ?

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How do i buy a FP1 and what will it cost me ?

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Are the two questions most people want to know.

It is possible at the moment (June 2021) to buy one of these rare machines in the UK (and other locations) and there are a few options of how to buy depending on the level of work you were willing to put in yourself.

Lets not forget, these bikes are 15 - 16 years old now and have been sat for most of that perhaps in less than perfect conditions, so do not expect a bike in the same condition as one in your local Suzuki showroom !
All will have tyres that are as old as the bikes, and the original Michelin Pilot's will be like plastic - you would not even consider riding on these tyres now. They were fairly poor back then, they certainly have not improved with age !
There will be items like fork seals, batteries, oils and fluids, clutch slave and master cylinders, brake callipers and cylinders all in need to attention sooner than you think.
You get the idea i am sure.

So assuming you were fairly handy with the spanners and fancied getting stuck in, then the price for a FP1 delivered to the UK would be high 30's and closer to 40.
A prepared bike (Sold as running, fresh fluids only and battery) with fresh paint and decals (Done correctly and often by those who worked on the bikes originally) with a NOVA certificate and Dating certificate ready for you to jump through the DVLA hoops - then prices start in excess of 40k plus fees.

Supplied bikes mileages can vary between 0 miles and new, and very low miles but they do vary.

Most would want one of these machines to add to a private collection or to a museum,
Some would like to use their bikes (I do) and get a bit of road and track day use from it (i do)
Either way if you were serious about wanting one knowing the potential costs, then registering your interest here on this thread would be a good way to start and ensure your contact details in your profile are up to date so you can be contacted and we start the process from there.

From a personal perspective, my journey was long, but the first ride i had on my FP1 is something i will never forget.
I have owned and ridden many special bikes and i am lucky, all were great for the time and for what they stood for, however the FP1 for me personally was next level stuff - was it worth it ? very much so.

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